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I am just now getting around to investigating transportation and accommodations for that Swiss wedding we are attending in March.

We will be travelling to Gstaad, landmark of 1960s jetset winter and celebrity culture.

Can you smell new sunglasses? I sure can!

The glamour of traveling and skiing in the Alps is right now overshadowing the nitty gritty potentially ugly facets of the trip: does anyone want to join me in visualizing schlepping luggage and a suit bag and snowboard equipment through airports and train stations?

Didn’t think so. Much better to accentuate the positive. I want the hills to be alive with the sound of music.

On another travel tip, I leave for SF tomorrow, and that voyage is going to involve two new airports: Baltimore-Washington, and Chicago Midway. I guess when you fly Southworst, you don’t get to land at brand name airports. For the cheapo price, I don’t really care.

Is it really raining cats and dogs in the Bay Area? I do not own proper rain gear for that kind of weather and I am slightly terrified. I can smell a Burberry or Chanel trench from here, but they are just beyond my grasp. If my client hadn’t been so unceremoniously dismissed, I’d maybe have the means to stretch my fingers across the designer divide and into those shops in Union Square…

What does it mean, anyway, to be “unceremoniously” dismissed? Does it mean that under normal circumstances, there is pomp when you get the boot? Like music playing? Or a color guard? That would certainly perk up the office environment.

4:32 p.m. - 2005-01-11



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