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C'est le pied!

Hereís whatís wrong with my foot:

Iíve got an intermetatarsal neuroma. The kind I have is called a Mortonís Neuroma (leave it to me to get a brand-name problem.) A neuroma is a benign enlargement of the nerve branch that supplies sensation to adjacent toes (in my case the 3rd and 4th). The enlargement is occasionally caused by high heels (oops,) inflammatory conditions like arthritis (donít have that,) and repetitive trauma from stresses resulting from occupational activities (walking, driving, running, skipping) and recreational activities (yoga, stretching, shagging?) (Anyone else ever get the odd foot cramp during sex? I doubt itís just me.)

The doctor was young and kinda cute, and at first it felt a little weird having him handle my foot. Iím not one of those girls who gets off on shrimping or on having boys fondle her feet, but I admit that his touch was very soothing. Until he squished my toes together and jammed down on the 3rd toe. Thatís when I nearly died from the shooting pain. And noticed the wedding band.

He made me an elaborate (and removable) tape and foam ďsockĒ to help relieve some of the pressure on the plantar nerves, then shot my foot up with cortisone. Iím no shrinking violet when it comes to needles, but fuck if that injection didnít hurt. My poor widdle feet are shenshitive.

The cortisone might do the trick and the condition might correct itself. I have an appointment in 3 weeks to see. If Iím still in pain, then there will be another injection (not cortisone, something else) and if I find that I like the whole tape/foam sock thingie then the Dr might make me an orthodic. If after that, I continue to hobble and wimper when I walk, the answer might be surgery.

What kind of surgery you ask?

Toe bone shortening surgery!

First the boobs got smaller, and now weíre talking about my toes getting tinier? Iím only 5 feet tall! Can I really afford additional miniaturization?

3:05 p.m. - 2005-01-25



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