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Moaning about being broke but having a new computer

I for one am excited that the Fall collections have shown/are showing lots of flat shoes. And not just because I am afflicted with an intermetatarsal neuroma in My Left Foot (and possibly my right if my self-diagnosis is accurate.)

I am one of those short people who likes and wears flat shoes. I've never felt the need to heighten to compensate for my lack of verticality. Even with a 4-inch heel, everybody still knows I'm short.

These are my latest dream shoes for Fall 05. They are irresistible!

I am also fond of these dresses, but of course have no occasion to wear them. This doesn't mean that I won't covet them and train into Manhattan to touch them at the showroom. Gotta have dreams.

So the new G5 is here, and it's automatically downloading a bunch of updates. In about an hour I should be ready to start loading software and utilities. The new hard drive and DVD-CD drive for the laptop are in transit, and I have to take a few minutes today to order more RAM. By next week, the entire system should be googlephonically fast and I won't have to worry about electronic apocalypse for at least another 3 years.

And in about 3 years, the credit card should be paid off. And by then those cute shoes and dresses will be "vintage" and I'll maybe be able to find them on ebay. Another dream I'm gonna dare to dream.

11:12 a.m. - 2005-02-08



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