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Hot diggety

My new computer is pretty dang fast. Like if you spent $2500 expecting to fly at sonic boom speeds, this is your first class seat. I expect to be traveling intergalactically when the 1 GB of additional RAM shows up.

We have to head into Manhattan on Saturday, and I am wondering if we should catch an early train to witness the unfurling of Christo and Jeanne-Claudeís Gates. Iím not sure that I need to be there for the actual unveiling, although there are multiple locations throughout the park so perhaps it wonít be super crowded in the morning? I donít know. I could just see the gates in the afternoon and be perfectly content. I am not one of those folks who needs to see the work first, to be cooler-than-thou, to be an Art World fucker. I donít want to be one of those people.

Iíve got to get new tights at Capezio anyway, so I canít linger in Central Park. Visits to dance shops always take longer than they ought to. I donít dance anymore! What the hell am I doing in there? Such an impostor. I just canít help touching all the leotards, looking at the slipper and pointe innovations, salivating over certain (silver) character shoes and wrap sweaters. Must remember mantra: I just need seamed fishnets. I just need seamed fishnets.

Incidentally, Culotte and I were discussing the fact that Capezio is the only brand you should buy. For fishnets, that is. They last forever, can withstand nights of scabrous activity, and most importantly, have a solid footpad so you donít cut off circulation in your feet. They are the best. Fogal and Wolford are gorgeous, but their fishnets just donít stand up to abuse.

I really feel like talking about that ridiculous book ďFrench Women Donít Get FatĒ but Iím too tired and hungry. Maybe later, after my gouter (the official French snacktime.)

3:57 p.m. - 2005-02-09



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