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Courtesy of this foyn lady:

I: Ten Random Songs
Instructions: Put your MP3 player on "shuffle" and list the first ten songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.

I know it’s Shuffle mode, but dude, it’s so RANDOM!

1. East Easy Rider (Julian Cope) He is kind of insane, but the bass line in this song is gadonk gadonk get down. Probably my favorite song from “Peggy Suicide.”
2. Drinkin’ Wine (Beastie Boys) It’s from “The In Sound From Way Out!” The only BB album I own, believe it or not.
3. 3 Days Later (De La Soul)
4. Leave This Off Your Fucking Charts (Public Enemy) Not my favorite song off that album, but PE rules no matter what.
5. The Very Thing (Stars) I love Canada and its rock!
6. It’s Been Said (Louis Jordan)
7. I’ll Take You There (The Staple Singers) Top of the Stax! One of the best labels EVER, and a great song.
8. Come Back From San Francisco (The Magnetic Fields) Every time I hear this song, I think Claudia is singing to me.
9. L’Autre Valse d’Amelie (Yann Tiersen) From the “Amelie” soundtrack. I love how he uses vintage toy instruments and other noisemakers. And do I need to mention how much I love that movie?
10. Freddie’s Dead (Curtis Mayfield) That Curtis may not have had Otis Redding’s pipes, but he had some serious soul.

II: Question and Answer Section
Read question. Answer question.

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
Acc. to iTunes: 5753

The last CD you bought.
The last cd I bought wasn’t even for me! It was “Les Risques du Metier” by Benabar (for my parents.)

The last song you listened to before reading this message.
“Baby You Should Know” (Joy Zipper)

III: Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

1. Young Pilgrims (The Shins) There’s something about his voice or the instrumentation of this song that gets me every time. When they played it at the Henry Fonda, I was so touched that I cried. For reals! So embarrassing cause I was in a sea of stone-faced indie hipsters. Thank god this uncool old lady had a crumpled up Kleenex in her handbag.

2. Golden Touch (Razorlight) A friend put it on a compilation for me, and I can’t stop hitting Play. It makes me happy.

3. I Want You (Elvis Costello) I don’t know if a more romantic song exists. Add it to your Valentine compilations, people! You won’t be sorry.

4. Midnight Summer Dream (The Stranglers)
When TA and I first started seeing eachother, we would often hang out after class and take naps at his house. One time I woke up just as this song started playing on the radio. The light at that precise moment was soft and magical, I was in love and everything felt perfect.

5. People Together (dj Me dj You) This is on heavy rotation over here because I cannot get enough of this lyric: “sitting in a sports bar eating buffalo wings.” Especially now that I’ve actually tasted the famous wings from Buffalo! I ate them on Sunday at our neighbor’s Superbowl party. They’re tasty but I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Spicy gooey chicken parts, that’s all they are.

Who will you pass this stick to and why?
I can’t think of anyone to pass this along to. That Shuffle mode shuffled my brain.

4:38 p.m. - 2005-02-10



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