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Re-entry a little bumpy

Much to tell about the trip to Switzerland and France, but I am tired and have a broken wing. I injured my right arm doing who knows what, and can no longer dress or undress myself. I probably shouldn’t even be using my right arm to type, but the one handed typing thing is a lot like the one hand clapping thing: total rubbish.

Our two bottles of Jurançon and 4 tins of piment de l’Espelette-flavored pate made it through customs. We also imported some artisanal jam, bars of Swiss chocolate, and packets of Carambar. If I’d known inspection were going to be lax, I would have tossed some unpasteurized crottins and some slices of jambon de Paris in our luggage. Those would actually have come in handy on the plane: the food was inedible, and as I had forgotten to request a special meal, I ended up eating very little. Which is fine because frankly after two weeks of delicious bread and viennoiseries, pastries, cheese and yoghurt, I was beginning to feel a bit lumpy.

Switzerland is beautiful. We arrived in Geneva, took the regular train to Montreux then the panoramic MOB to Gstaad. That was beautiful. We stayed in Schonried, snowboarding at Rellerli, Horneggli, and Videmanette (which is actually in Rougemont). The conditions were perfect, and the only bad thing about the experience were the lifts. The resorts mostly had T-bars which neither TA nor I had ever experienced, and let me tell you: they suck. After multiple spectacular falls, we spent most of our time snowboarding from normal chair lift to normal gondola. Those bars had us totally spooked (and embarrassed! No one in Switzerland ever falls on the slopes! They’re fucking born with skis on their feet!)

This is a photo from our hotel room in Schonried. We not only had a terrasse, but a fireplace, dining area and giant tub.

Paris was fanfuckingtastic. It always is. We saw tons of friends, ate and walked around. My feet were a mess, at one point so painful that I wanted to just lie across some railroad tracks and have a train cut them off. I was miserable. Terence bought himself some trainers and told me to do the same. With new shoes on my feet, things improved though I wasn’t able to clock the kilometers I normally do when traveling. I have an appt with my podiatrist this Friday and he’s gonna get an earful. An ear full of foot!

Jet lag is dropping its pall on me. Must go.

2:54 p.m. - 2005-03-23



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