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I go to work

In addition to the book, Iím working on some templates for a web company. I was worried, at first, that my years in print would hamper me, but the truth is: design is design.

It also helps that Illustrator and Photoshop are becoming more and more alike.

Not only am I putting my years of drawing and doodling to use in these templates, but I am also using all that I absorbed in my texture classes. I love it when things come together! Those classes at Otis that she encouraged me to take are totally paying off! Not only that, I feel like I am using different skills and it is pretty fun.

So far, I am liking this new client. They sent me a contract and a W-9 before I even started working, and have been prompt with feedback. And the praise! My god, the praise. It makes me feel a little guilty, actually. It makes me think they must have been dealing with hacks before, cause what Iím doing is good, but itís not earth-shattering.

The book is supposed to be finished on Monday, and poor Mr Bingo is on the receiving end of changes and hysteria from all of the different scholars, editors and Foundation nerds. He is freaking out. I tried to calm him down today, but I donít think I was very successful. We are supposed to be sharing the project, but sadly, he is the one bearing 100% of the brunt of the final corrections and the panic that is induced by prepping files for overseas printing.

The new Beck album is so awesome. Iíve already listened to it 3 times today. I love iTunes (even though I stupidly paid for the album instead of using one of TAís gift certificates. Thatís what happens when youíre too hasty to download, and you forget that your credit card info is ON FILE and you havenít yet input the code on the back of the gift certificate. Gah. Lesson learned.) But, question: is it me, or is he singing in grammatically incorrect Spanish? °Que vergŁenza, Beck!

5:40 p.m. - 2005-03-31



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