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I go out on Friday night, and I come home on Saturday morning...

Harriet and her bf’s visit was great. Just the restorative I needed to take my mind off of my stupid problems.

Since the weather was sort of crap, we did mellow things like:
- drive to Madison to get fried clams and scallops
- check out Hamonassett State Beach
- walk around Yale and stop at a cafe
- dine at a Japanese place where the food is good, the lighting better but everything is at least $2-$3 too expensive in my book (oh well that’s what happens when there’s no competition…)

Harriet always brings presents and this time I got: a pink Bright Eyes baby tote, an Earlimart sticker, a Stars button and a black cashmere crewneck sweater vest. I am so spoiled! She also brought these insanely decorated cupcakes that were gorgeous (but a bit dry.)

Sunday I worked on the book and my web project, made a dent in the New York Times (and rejoiced to discover this article in the Real Estate section,) and cooked my favorite soup in the world, butternut squash + potato. TA bought and hung up some new curtains for our bedroom, and they not only block out light but look pretty (they are creamy, wide wale corduroy and are a subtle counterpoint to the white walls.) I feel like I slept better but it could be the ibuprofen I took?

9:23 a.m. - 2005-04-04



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