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Working weak

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Yesterday I was deranged on Prontalgine all day, but was (spazzily) productive. It felt a lot like being high on 1970s-era Marax asthma medicine.

The most important thing I accomplished was jettisoning a bunch of crap on the Amazon marketplace. Man, I love that thing. It was so easy to unload books and DVDs, so fun to see my little account balloonÖ I can see how people get addicted.

This selling activity is going to help defray the mounting costs of being Me.

The other thing that will help Me afford Me is more work. This morning I got an email from my new web client and they want me to design two more things. Yay! They donít pay much, but every little bit helps and Iíve got some things coming up that are going to break the bank:
- physical therapy
- bunion surgery
- health insurance premiums (with my birthday coming up, they are sure to increase)
- yoga workshops
- furniture for our bare apartment
- international travel

I also emailed a local publisher about freelance design opportunities. Itís sort of a shot in the dark since I donít have a single contact there, but Iíve seen their books in stores, and itís pretty obvious they need me.

The other news is that this afternoon, our apartment is being used for a photo shoot. Good thing itís mostly empty.

9:17 a.m. - 2005-04-08



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