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Short update

Once again: the good news

I am not dying, and itís not cancer. The doctor didnít seem at all alarmed by my condition, ordered more blood work and xrays of my hands. She also prescribed an anti-inflammatory which I hope will reduce the swelling in my finger joints (and in other places on my broken body.)

ďHmmm, the joints on your right hand are darker than those on the left. Have they always been like that?Ē

ďNope, itís a new thing.Ē

Itís hard being vain when your digits look like bruised Vienna sausages. Not even the pretty nail polish that Gentry gave me could beautify my petites saucisses.

Since there is no history of rheumatoid arthritis in my family, itís unlikely that I have that. However, to be safe, the doctor is having me tested for the Rheumatoid Factor (like Fear Factor without worms?) The xrays will tell her whether or not there are growths or spurs or other weird things on my bones.

The other good news is that I was weighed at the drís office, and Iíve lost 5 lbs! Without even really trying! This is the best way to shed excess poundage. I could stand to lose a bit more, but I want to wait and see what happens when I resume my normal yoga practice.

The bad news: we have a new archconservative pope named Benedict. Poo.

4:37 p.m. - 2005-04-19



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