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No thanks to any of my Yale readers, I saw The Shins last night. It was actually quite easy to sneak into the show, and I won’t divulge my secret because if there are good bands next year, I intend to do it again.

As usual the band was really good. Even though they were playing on a stage, outside, in front of obnoxious drunk Ivy League kids, the sound wasn’t too terrible and they put on a happy show.

Standing on my tiny mound, I was able to watch the parade of Yale students walk past and I have a few observations:

1. The ubiquitous flipflop
This is a “shoe” that looks good on, I’d say, .1% of the population. On everyone else, it just looks slovenly, especially when a) your feet are dirty and b) you’re not lean and trim in your designer jeans. This whole Studied Casual look is so pretentious, not to mention OVER.
2. Overall the student body is very square and not very attractive. Where were the pretty people hiding? At every Shins show I’ve ever been to, the audience has been good-looking, adequately reverent of the music, and you always see someone working a style that you want to appropriate.
3. Girls with beer bellies? Wasn’t attractive when I was in school either.
4. Cowboy boots
The fact that this style has come back minus the conch belt and fringed vest is testimony to the fashion stranglehold Mary-Kate Olsen has on contemporary coeds. I also saw lots of artfully ripped tights, prairie skirts, and oversized sunglasses. Homeless chic with a Balenciaga classique.
5. Roos tennis shoes
They weren’t cool when I was a kid, and they still aren’t.

The girl at the Shins’ merch table was really friendly. She suggested I buy a single that also contained a video but I opted instead for a t-shirt since my Shins one is old and has holes in it. I always buy at least one thing at the merch table since that money goes directly into the bands’ pocket. We talked for a while, and she told us that the night before, they’d been in NY, hanging out with David Cross. She also told us to check out The Brunettes, the band that’s been opening for The Shins on most of the tour.

Anyway, today I have to finish one project (rather challenging as I’ve lost the use of my left thumb for some bizarre reason,) clean my desk, load Quicken and start organizing my 2004 receipts. I filed an extension, but want to file my taxes as early as possible so I know what the damage is.

9:38 a.m. - 2005-04-27



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