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committment = transformation

I got my first issue of Bazaar (part of a free subscription) yesterday and boy does it suck. There was so little content, so little actual fashion reportage, that I found myself flipping through it faster and faster until my hands and the pages were just one giant cartoon blur.

It went straight into the recycling bin.

Not even Karl Lagerfeldís photography could redeem it. It was that bad. All the brouhaha over this new editor and her downmarket tendencies? Perhaps deserved (but can anyone tell me if their circulation is up?) So much for Alexander Liebermanís legacy at that place. The Conde Nasties should just kill it.

We went to an opening the other night, quite by accident. The School of Architecture has a Jean Prouve exhibit, and theyíve erected one of his last remaining (and restored) Tropical Houses outside. We had some wine, walked around the building, peered inside it. Unfortunately the day we had the camera, the exhibit was closed. But you get the idea.

Today in between working on more templates, calling my doctor about prescriptions and liver/kidney function testing (fun fun) and having a conference call about a new book project, I bought a credenza. I may be insane, or I may be crazy smart, I donít know yet. All this talk about furniture--going to look at it, researching, surfing ebay and auction sites, comparing fabric swatches, getting estimatesóstarted to make me a little cuckoo. Constantly going back and forth over the merits of a $4000 Knoll settee vs an $800 daybed at West Elm vs a $2500 Knoll knockoff vs a Jean-Michel Frank lookalike at Mitchell Gold started to get me down. I mean, itís good to weigh the options as a sensible consumer, and really spend time considering what you want to surround yourself with, but at a certain point, you have to commit to something. You canít live in an apartment filled with boxes forever. You have to have proper furniture.

I canít wait for the other things to fall into place.

5:07 p.m. - 2005-05-05



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