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Being present

For my birthday, my parents sent me some Seinfeld DVDs and a check. This may one of the first times in recorded history that their presents have hit the mark.

The DVDs were a nice bonus. Itís no surprise that I have always loved that tv show. I mean, I quote it all the time and I have been repeatedly referred to as Elaine-like (which Iíve decided to take as a compliment. Sheís not as big a loser as George in the early episodes, and she has nice teeth.)

I just spent the other part of my present on a new piece of artwork. Itís a silkscreen illustration of the modern house from Mon Oncle, one of my favorite movies of all time. I love that the image is drawn with a tweaked perspective that includes all the funny details of the house and garden. Thereís even the espaliered plants and M. Hulot down at the bottom.

I was going to use the money to pay my podiatry bill ($600!), but TA convinced me that birthday windfalls are meant to be spent on special treats.

Speaking of special treats, I am getting a haircut today. My bangs have lost their sass, and how am I to impersonate Summer Roberts without them?


It would be impossible for me to completely inhabit Summer without a bang refresher. I am thinking of reshaping my hair so that as it grows out, it is less fluffy. Also on the agenda, a color consultation. I think I wanna go a little darker than my natural hair color. I donít have enough drama in my life already.

11:47 a.m. - 2005-05-13



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