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Some old clients climbed out of the woodwork this week to entice me with potential projects.

But before any projects materialize, they want a logo and are hoping I’ll give them a good price--the tradeoff being that I might get additional work further down the road.

So I give them what I consider to be my bargain basement price for the logo. And they email me back asking if I can cut it in half.

I think not.

Even though they acknowledge that my fee is “a great deal” and that logo work is my “livelihood” and that they’re not “trying to short-change” me, they kinda suck, don’t they?

I emailed them back this afternoon and said that I couldn’t design a logo for half price. I politely suggested they wait until they had sufficient budget to hire me, or find someone for their price so that they have something in time for the trade show they’re attending at the beginning of June. I also said I hoped this wouldn’t affect our partnering up for future work, and even used a word that I HATE* to keep the Magnanimous Warm Fuzzy flowing.

* the word is “synergy”. Very few people use it correctly, and most of the time they’re being totally disingenuous when they utter it. I hate that.

And I sent a quote to some other former clients last week, and signed off with “happy to negotiate” and of course, have heard nothing since.

What do they think I’m running here? A fucking charity? People are so irritating.

4:54 p.m. - 2005-05-17



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