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Up and down

I’ve had a good luck with Ebay and Craig’s list lately. I can’t remember what I wished for when I blew out my birthday candles, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t thinking about furniture.

Still, I’ve decided to be grateful for these latest things.

The Knoll credenza that we bought a few weeks back is just so, so lovely and useful. I am happy that we finally own something that’s been on our “Things to Acquire Before We Die” list. The guy who sold it to us was super nice, and gave us a $100 discount for paying cash. That savings helped pay for the van rental.

Through Ebay, I discovered some nutty Irish guys in upstate Connecticut who buy/sell old industrial equipment and office furniture. They have two floors of an enormous warehouse, and it is crammed with all sorts of stuff, from desk chairs to old lead type drawers to machine age fixtures. A lot of it is filthy and in need of restoration, but there are tons of diamonds in the rough. On Saturday, we bought some barrister bookcases and they cleaned up real nice. They look like these, only they’re 2 cases high, and painted a blue/gray color. Ours were WAY cheaper. The Irish guys did us an Emerald Tiger Solid. Maybe it helped that we were both wearing Claddagh rings (I now wear mine around my neck.) Who knows?

Through Craig’s List I found someone selling a near-perfect Le Creuset soup pot for $20. I’m looking forward to cooking with it.

You’ll all be relieved to know that we’ve finally settled on a sofa. It will naturally take 6-8 weeks or longer for it to be delivered (because it’s manufactured in Italy, and we’ve picked a slightly more expensive grade of cream-colored upholstery) but once we have it, we will never have to buy another one again. This is the Dream Sofa.

In other exciting and happy news, the inflammation in my hands has gone down considerably. There was a weird little episode on Saturday afternoon when the left one started tingling and swelling for no apparent reason (so suddenly did it begin to balloon that I imagined my hand as Martin Short in that movie—Pure Luck, was it?—where he has that insane allergic reaction and inflates like a puffer fish) but it abated after a few hours.

The weather is crap today, but the gray sky is comforting me because it reminds me of SF.

4:22 p.m. - 2005-05-23



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