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This is what the aftermath of an osteotomy with internal fixation looks like

Prepare to be grossed out. Donít say I didnít warn you.

Hereís the bandage being removed from my foot:

Hereís a close-up of the my swollen, bruised foot with stitches in place:

See why I made that Frankenstein comment last week?

Hereís the wound sans stitches (and the little black threads above are pieces of removed suture):

Over the wound, theyíve placed some skin tape which will eventually fall off. I am free to take showers and take baths. Yay!

Instead of a cast, my foot is now encased in a neoprene sleeve which is slipped into a hard, black plastic frame that looks a lot like a snowboard boot with a binding attached. (photo t/k.) I have to wear this for three weeks total (originally Dr. K had said 4 but heís optimistic about my recovery.)

I have to use crutches for one more week while I begin applying pressure to my foot. By next Wednesday, I should be more or less walking. I canít wait to get my foot back!

And I canít wait to eat a hot, steamy bagel at this place! I think itís the simmering honey water what makes these so delicious. We leave for Montreal next week, and I need a vacation like nobodyís business.

10:07 a.m. - 2005-06-22



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