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Hoof and paw disease

A new entry to get rid of all those disgusting shots of my wounded paw (missed out on the gore? Click back one entry.)

My foot is healing very nicely. I have begun putting more and more weight on it as I walk, and Iím no longer on crutches. Itís a little weird walking with this contraption on my foot onóitís so heavy, it makes me feel like Iím in that nonsensical scene in Face/Off with the magnetic boots? Remember that one? Typical John Woo.

On the subject of film, I saw Layer Cake this weekend. Personally, I think the Steve McQueen baton has been passed to Daniel Craig. Canít you totally picture him in 501s, aviator shades and a gray heather sweatshirt, riding his Triumph around the desert? His hotness is only exceeded by his. I canít wait for the gay cowboy movie!

I canít type anymore. Itís too hot and my hands hurt.

4:19 p.m. - 2005-06-27



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