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Canada rules

Even though we were delayed an hour and a half in Hartford and therefore missed our connection in Toronto which in turn forced us to take the last plane to Montreal and get into town after 1 am, and even though we were delayed for an hour in Montreal, missed our connection in Toronto for the last plane to Hartford, and had to stay in a terrible Sheraton Four-Points hotel with $15 dinner vouchers redeemed at 11 pm, and even though we had to wake up at 5 am to make our flight to Hartford the next day, then sit on the runway for an hour, then get up into the sky and turn around after 20 minutes because of an electrical problem, then wait for an hour and a half while they repaired then finally switched planes, even though all of that happened and we were more than 20 hours late getting homeÖ WE STILL LOVE CANADA!!

I know it sounds crazy, but itís true. Canada is a cute little puppy that inadvertently pees on your Persian rug, and then gives you such a wide, friendly smile that you just canít be angry. Anytime something negative would happen at the airport, those Canadians would just turn my frown upside down, and voila! No more bad mood.

Iíd hate to suggest that her pug has less than noble lineage, but I suspect heís secretly Canadian.

There was a Canadian woman on our flight who said that niceness is congenital. (Or maybe itís the Valium in the water.) Conjuring our inner Canadians, we offered her a ride home when we saw her waiting at the CT Limo desk (she had told us earlier than she lived in NH.) She accepted, threw in $20 for parking (despite our protestations) and gave us good advice on a weekend trip to Niagara. We said we were harmless but that we were running from the law--we ďimportedĒ a bottle of Havana Club Cuban rum. She laughed and told us all about how she always smuggles Canadian cheddar across the border.

Lots of things to add, but Iím off to occupational therapy now.

10:11 a.m. - 2005-07-06



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