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Sun salutation to Me

I just got back from yoga.

Good news! I didnít die. It was hard but nowhere near as hard as Iíd imagined. The teacher gave me some modifications that really helped. In vinyasa for example, I did downward dog-to-childís pose-to-cobra instead of plank-to-chaduranga-to-cobra to protect my wrist jointsóthese joints donít bend at a 90į angle (yet.) Needless to say, I did not do crow.

I feel really good! Iím so happy! Iím sure Iíll be sore tomorrow, but thatís ok. I look forward to my muscles aching. What I can do without is joints that swell and hurt for no reason whatsoever. Iím crossing my fingers that my immune system will see the yoga as a positive, rather than something to rebel against.

Not only did I have a great class, but on the way out, I noticed there were a bunch of free samples of this cereal. Bonus! I needed the snack (basically the human equivalent of the kitty treat.)

I havenít felt this optimistic in a while. Letís hope it isnít just a phase.

11:08 a.m. - 2005-07-15



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