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Slothety sloth

What a lazy weekend. The sloth is spilling over into this week and all I can muster is a list:
- On Friday, I ate at my new favorite restaurant in NH. I could eat there every day and never tire of it. Itís Vietnamese, has a catchy name and they serve my most favorite thing EVER to eat when itís ten thousand degrees outside. Yes, Iím talking about Bun Ga Xa. Is there anything more delicious and refreshing when itís 90 degrees and the humidity is 95%? I think not. Seriously, I am a bunslutóit could come topped with pretty much anything and Iíd devoure it.
- I saw Quintron and Miss Pussycat, the only decent acts to come through this town besides The Shins (in May,) Mates of State (canít remember when) and Ted Leo (last summer.)
- I watched the Tour de France on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, on the new sofa, in my pyjamas while Terence rubbed this on my feet. You should know (or maybe you already do) that I only get excited for two sports: cycling (French obsession) and baseball (American obsession.) Itís one of the ways in which my biculturalism manifests itself. Todayís race stage includes a mountain pass located just above the rue-madame ancestral village. Iím hoping the cameras slowly pan across the spectators so I can see my entire family cheering for the cyclists. I am such a dork that I am even wearing my yellow bracelet over my even dorkier wrist splints! If I had my Kraftwerk Tour de France 12Ē single here, you can bet Iíd be spinning it during commercial breaks! All dork, all the time!
- We made strawberry/blueberry shortcake with vanilla-scented whipped cream. The plan was to make a trueblue tarte aux fraises, but it was too bloody hot to stand over a stove, stirring crŤme patissiere.
- I finally replaced my New Balance trainers with these very trendy Pumas (in burgundy.) I really wanted something more trainer-y and less 70s-y, but none of the running specialty stores around here carry my size so I had to make do with running-ďlikeĒ shoes. Once again, victime de la mode in spite of my better efforts.
- I watched the first DVD of The Job and remembered why I loved it so hard when it was on tv. It is fucking brilliant. I donít know why Denis Leary makes me laugh so hystericallyónormally, his brand of Bushmill-drinking tough Irish-American Mass-hole humor does not make me so much as giggle, but voila. Perhaps it is the subjects he chooses to rail against? Who among us doesnít scorn bell bottoms, flavored coffee, the government and rehab?
- I listened to her wedding compilation over and over again. I love it to pieces! Thank you!

12:57 p.m. - 2005-07-19



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