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Greater (or lesser) tuna

I know I made a list yesterday and that by law, I cannot do that two days running, but fuck it. Iím cranky.

Things that are annoying me:

A stupid Parisian newsletter that I signed up for, thinking it would remind me of Paris in the right way. Well, itís totally lame, written in that outsider/insider voice with casually dropped Frenchisms that I hate so much (Le Divorce, anyone?) And to top it all off, the writer ďsignsĒ every newsletter with a profile shot of herself posed ŗ la Simone de Beauvoir. Is there an emoticon for gag me with a spoon?

Connecticut drivers with no awareness of the Driverís Social Compact. Drivers may seem crazy in LA, but at least drivers there understand their reciprocal partnership with those around them. Iíve seen better drivers in Rome than I have here.

The management company for our condo association. Over the 4th of July weekend, the storage area in our basement flooded, and the company didnít do anything about it. Whoís stuff got soaked and is now moldy? Yep, and itís disgusting. Our snowboard bag is covered in white spores, and our boardsí rails are rusty as hell.

My wrists. I wish they would flex at a 90 degree angle like they used to. At yoga this morning, I couldnít do any arm balances, and those are my favorite thing to do. Gah. I must be patient.

Patience. Patience is annoying. So annoying not to just HAVE that quality!

The president. He announces his pick for the Supreme Court just as the brouhaha over Karl Rove is reaching fever pitch. Timing is everything. I am also annoyed with all of those folks gunning for Renquistís retirement. Hey! Check it out! Being a Supreme Court justice is the coolest job ever because you get that job for LIFE! Renquist will step down when heís good and ready. Stop sitting around on deathwatch.

The MarthaStewartModernists over at apartmenttherapy and designsquarespongepants. Iím not even going to link, they bug so hard.

Missing A.S Dragon at ParisPlage on 7/21.


Things I am liking:

The story on NPR about Paul Ankaís cover album. I wasnít so excited about his version of The Cureís Lovecats, but damn if Van Halenís Jump and Nirvanaís Smells Like Teen Spirit donít sound pure genius! Itís easy to deride him based on his Vegas cheese factor, but let us not forget that he wrote My Way for the Chairman.

I also cannot get enough of the Nouvelle Vague record, especially the Dead Kennedys song.

Being able to go to yoga and use 90% of my body. I will never take my body for granted again.

Mr Bingo. He sent me David Hicks on Bathrooms belatedly and I love it. David Hicks is one of my texture design heroes. Back in the day, when the Prince of Wales was actually cool and not some old fuddy duddy, he had his apartments decorated by Hicks!

My tuna salad sandwich. Here is the secret to the best tuna salad ever: for godís sake, use good tuna (Italian, French, Greek, packed in oil but drained well); mix in chopped fresh herbs (I like dill and cilantro, but tarragon + parsley are also yummy); add chopped shallot, scallion or red onion; add diced celery; throw in capers and a little juice; add the zest and juice of half a lemon; then as a final touch, mix in just enough mayo (homemade if youíre fancy, Hellmans/BestFoods/Amora if youíre not) to bind it, but not so much that the taste overpowers. I am telling you, you will not be disappointed.

John Hawkes, Daniel Craig and Lance Armstrong or any Tour de France cyclist except not Vinokourov. Will one of you please make an appearance in my dreams this week? (Lance, please leave Sheryl behind, thankyouverymuch.)

Alright, Iím going to stop procrastinating nowÖ

12:25 p.m. - 2005-07-20



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