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Iíve been so obsessed with putting together a perfect contest submission that Iíve barely had time to fuck off.

I know! Thatís so crazy! But as usual, when crunch time comes, Iím extra crunchy with crunchberries (which are no longer exclusively pink, by the way) and shit. Seriously: Iím an extra crispy Chicken Little, running about, sweating, clucking, losing precious feathers from all the fretting.

The essays are finished, the text pages and cd labels are finally printed. All thatís left for me to do is trim everything out, prepare PDFs and burn them to cds. After that, I have to assemble the pieces and walk them to over to the gallery across the street with a check for $150.

I will be so relieved when Iím done with this. I never thought explaining my process would take so goddamned long.

To add insult to injury, the G3 is acting very strangely. Iím used to internet streams cutting out, but lately, mp3s wonít play all the way through. The cursor has been acting similarly possessed, appearing and disappearing at will. I looked for patches, I looked for virus and worm alerts, and have found nothing. Does anything know if thereís some strain of who-knows-what infecting Macs with OS 10 point 3 point somethingsomething? Iíve got Disk Warrior on the case, but I have a feeling whatever is wrong with the computer has nothing to do with Directories.

I hate this part of my job. I am crap at troubleshooting.

1:40 p.m. - 2005-08-15



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