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Tuning in

I for one am pretty damned excited that Madonna’s catalog is finally available on iTunes. I’m sure you wouldn’t peg me for a fan, but what can I say, the 1980s happened to me. I can’t help liking Madge anymore than I can help jumping up and down to “Go!” by Tones on Tail, or singing along to anything by Romeo Void or The English Beat. I’m going to download that William Orbit remixed “Beautiful Stranger” single RIGHT NOW. That song has such an awesome Arthur Lee/Love vibe in certain (no doubt stolen... ahem, excuse me, I mean appropriated) parts… and I love LOVE!

The Rockstar’s album is not yet available on iTunes. I’ve heard that iTunes the Place is understaffed so maybe it’s taking a little while to get the new stuff uploaded? You can always buy the album from her site or Amazon if you’re desperate. The designer she hired to do the package did a nice job and I’m happy with the way my logos look (the main one on the front, the itty bitty one on the back.)

On the physician front: in addition to rescheduling my appt with Dr B the rheumatologist, I now have an appointment with a dermatologist. I have a mole on my back that needs to be looked at (I had TA check it out, and he screamed “Ewww!” and added that “it now looks like Australia!” If he freaks out, then I know it’s serious.) Anyway, I am hoping I’ll have time to flip over, and have the dermo take a look at my face. I’m not happy with its texture (even though I exfoliate regularly,) and its uneven-ness (even though I wear sunscreen and apply a topical lightener nightly.) I will confess that in addition to those woes, there’s a low grade panic simmering in my cells over what I perceive to be loss of elasticity, but I’m not going to hyperventilate just yet. Those free radicals had better be prepared for the mother of all battles. I will not give up the fight!

5:21 p.m. - 2005-09-07



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