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Dancing Cheek to Chic

Last week in an act of supreme gayness, I used my cellphone to vote for contestants on this show. Mr Bingo and I got into an IM shouting match over which male dancer should be eliminated, in fact. That is how gay we are, except that he is actually gay and I am not!

The competition this week was just as exciting, and I wanted to cast my ballot soooo badly but did not have a phone to do so. You see, we have no land line at home, and now that TA is in school, he keeps the cell phone on him in case there’s an emergency. Of course the emergency can only occur during my office hours (where I have a landline.) If there’s an emergency after 6pm, when I’m at yoga or at home, he’s out of luck until we get a new cell phone plan that doesn’t cost $75/mo for two phones. Jesús, Maria y José—those multiphone plans are ‘spensive.

ANYWAY. If I’d had the ability to vote last night, I would have voted Ryan and Destini off the show. Here are my reasons:

Ryan has gone as far as he can on what he knows, and is at the point where lack of technique is becoming a huge obstacle. He can do tricks and pop and lock like nobody’s business, but he’s not a versatile dancer. Even if he hadn’t mouthed “don’t vote for me” on camera, I would have guessed his sentiments from his performances last night. He looked like he didn’t care.

Destini, on the other hand, has training and is talented (esp in last night’s hip hop routine. Man, she was sick!) but she doesn’t do it for me. When she dances, you get the sense that she likes to be close to the floor—any time she jumps in the air or is lifted, she has neither lightness nor ease. Her dancing is too heavy for me, and she only does well on dances that require her to use the ground a lot.

The other two who are on the chopping block? Melody and Jamile. They are both really good, but need to step it up. Melody for all of her gorgeous technique and extensions, has not been able to throw charisma and spunk into the mix. Jamile has personality to spare, but hasn’t had much luck picking dances out of the hat. I’m crossing my fingers that America had the good sense to spare them.

I got a catalog from a company calling itself Boden. Is this for real? Does Boden truly exist in England? Or is this some kind of faux European scam brand developed by The Limited or JC Penney? On the fashion tip, I am very looking forward to the collections in NY which begin tomorrow. I’m not a huge fan of Spring clothes in general, but it will be nice to see which trends bubble up. Let’s hope and pray that the prairie skirt has run its course.

1:26 p.m. - 2005-09-08



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