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Without even realizing it, I have been bouncing checks hither and thither. So much for being an alleged adult.

I should have known that a certain deposit wouldnít clear quickly because the check was drawn on a bank in California. Argh. I hate it when this happens. It takes longer if the check is from out-of-state. The problem is that IN MY MIND, I am always in California. Why canít the bank be there too?

And the fiscal irresponsibility doesnít end there, my friends. Oh no, I had to add insult to injury and buy TA an extravagant birthday gift in the form of this. It is impossibly cute, and he is going to be coolest kid in class, but ladies and gentlemen, I am not in my right mind.

In my defense, I will state that the look on TAís face when he opened that present was worth every deficit-spent penny. Money may not grow on trees, but Iíve got some coming to me. The timing, as usual, is just plain bad. And as TA pointed out, my work is of the ďwhen it rains, it poursĒ type so before I know it, Iíll be frantically working, my bank account will be full and I will have no time to go out and spend.

It doesnít help that Iíve been fantasizing about:
new boots
- a new bra that gives me a 50ís poitrine, i.e. upright and pointy, perfect for tight sweaters
- more
- more skirts
- a camel-colored and a red cashmere or even blend turtleneck or cardi or crew- or high-v neck
- a statement belt
- more
PTR moisturizer
- more
flush stick
dance (in black) shoes (in silver) as regular shoes (Iíd have the cobbler put Vibram on the bottoms.)

The look Iím going for is Miss Jean Brodie-meets-Theo from Ballet Shoes. I figure TA is in school, and Iím just going to look like I belong there, too.

12:41 p.m. - 2005-09-15



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