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Freaky Friday

Give me Major Dickasonís or give me death.

Everyone raves about the Dunkin Donuts coffee but I didnít think it was such great shakes. Dunkin Donuts claims their coffee is made from Arabica beans (Fair Trade, even) so while it has a nice enough pedigree, the taste is not amazing. It just tasted like diner coffee. Itís drinkable, but thatís not enough for me. I like my coffee transcendent.

The weird thing is, when you order a coffee at DD, you have to call out whether you want cream and/or sugar in it. Itís weird. They donít have a cream/milk/sugar/honey bar station where you doctor your own drink. You order it then they fix it for you.

I heard one guy order ďa small coffee, light, with sugar.Ē Trippy.

Last night TA came home from school at the reasonable hour of 8, so we had dinner, went for a little post-prandial walk, snuggled on the sofa and watched a movie. Then this morning after a quickie romp in the sack, we went out to breakfast. After that, I dropped him off at the train station so he could head back to school, and I went grocery shopping. It was like having a really, really good date that lasted from the night before until morning.

This is what life was like before we moved in together, except for the part about him having to go to school. I think back then, he would have been headed to either his job at the Classified ads place, or rugby practice, or possibly he would have shirked both to spend the day with me! Those were the days!

And itís funny, the timing in the sentimentality department because I just remembered that this Friday is the anniversary of our very first date. And it falls on a Friday, just like our first date did. Freaky!

4:33 p.m. - 2005-09-25



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