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Magnanimous magnet

On Monday night, I took a yoga class from a displaced New Orleans yogi.

The studio that I attend (and clean in exchange for free classes) sponsored his visit, and all the money earned that night went directly to the yogi so that he can rebuild his life and his yoga school. It felt really good to actually help a PERSON affected by the hurricane disaster. Sometimes when I donate money to causes, I worry that my contribution will never make it into deserving hands. This way, I felt I was making a difference in somebodyís life. And on top of that, the yogi was charming in that typical New Orleans way that I love so much, and it made me really happy to help him and all his teachers and students.

Tonight there is another benefit, this time a kirtan (which is devotional singing) instead of yoga. Even though I am uncomfortable with chanting things that I donít understand (even when the words are supposedly uplifting,) kirtan is pretty fun. I donít consider myself much of a singer, and you all know how I feel about spontaneous guitar strumming/singing at parties (HATE IT) as well as karaoke (HATE IT MORE), so itís funny to me that I tolerate kirtan, ďtolerateĒ being the operative verb cause you know, I may have been born and raised in San Francisco, but I ainít no goddamned fucking hippy.

I hate hippies, just to be clear.

I would love to help the yogi out by attending the kirtan tonight, but my altruism has its limits. Iíve got a dance off to watch! Not to mention that tonight, the models on ANTM get their hairs cut, and you know what that means? It means there will be tears and tantrums and I love laughing at those poor girls. I mean, itís hair! It grows back!

And on the subject of hair and being magnanimous: I was walking around downtown NH last night and was approached by a Yale graduate photography student. Sheís doing a project on hair and wanted to know if Iíd permit her to photograph mine. ďOf course!Ē I said. Because just as I donít mind doing my part to advance science by participating in drug therapy trials, so too do I enjoy helping the future artists of the world.

1:12 p.m. - 2005-09-28



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