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Awwww, TA just sent me an Evite for a date tomorrow night. He’s so adorable, I might die. And he even used one of my templates! (Yes, he used one of my “gay-themed” ones, but who cares!) I am so lucky I parked my scooter next to his in the parking lot at CCSF many, many years ago. My life has been immeasurably better ever since that fateful day.

Other dribs and drabs:

I finished a giant project on Monday, and have been tidying up in preparation for a new one. It’s nice to have a little downtime between assignments, although I wish I could be more productive during this lull. But this is always my lament. If I could see into the future, day to day planning would be so much more efficient! Gah, why don’t I have this power?

Some really good friends of ours in LA just had a baby. I am so happy for them, it’s ridonculous. I think it’s because they’re the first set of friends in our A Set to have a kid. You know how you have your A Set of friends? The ones you spend the most time with, the ones you have the most in common with, the ones who are truly your Peers with a Capital P? My B Set had kids a few years ago and I was just sort of… I don’t know… eh. The B Set were all very settled and definitely on a totally different track from us so when they had kids, I was all, “Of course they did” but it had absolutely no resonance for me. But the A Set having kids? Now that’s something to make me go, “Wow! It’s really happening! The people I most identify with are reproducing!” It’s enough to make me reconsider my child-free attitudes, but not to the point where I’m monitoring my ovulation with a thermometer or anything. Let’s not get carried away! I don’t want to turn into Hope from thirtysomething (especially as I felt a kinship with Melissa more than with any other character.)

The funny thing is, one of my friends went to visit the new parents and daughter, and the new mom said, “She cries all the time.”

And what did my friend say? “Get used to it.”

I wish I’d been there. They were both howling with laughter.

On tap this weekend: errands, date (yay!), volunteering for Yale grad student, cleaning, baking and cooking something stewy. It’s finally Fall!

4:12 p.m. - 2005-09-30



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