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Model girlfriend

My date on Saturday night was very nice. We sat outside in a leafy courtyard, and drank delicious Sangiovese. We shared steak and lobster ravioli and tiramisu and stomachaches. I grabbed a candle from another table so we, too, could have flickering romantic light, and we talked about nothing and everything and it was lovely.

Then because it was an expensive dinner, and TA paid, I put out!

Sunday is the day I volunteered for the photo grad student. She was really cool, and we had tons to talk about in between setting up shots and taking polaroids. We discussed contemporary photography and influences and I think she was happy that I kind of knew what she was talking about. Also, let us not discount the enormous influence that Americaís Next Top Model has had on me! I have not merely been watching the show, I have been studying it! I have learned much in my 5 seasons (cycles?). For example: I do not just stand there, I offer different poses! I donít complain about my hairdo, I submit to the photographerís vision! I didnít make a peep when the photographer nearly strangled me with a vintage mink collar! (and thank god Iíd taken an antihistamine or I would have been dead.) I even had to smoke! And Iím asthmatic! Thatís sacrifice for art.

I think the image is going to be really beautiful, and I canít wait to see how it fits in with the rest of her series (I saw the polaroids she took of other people, and the lighting and colors were gorgeous.) Hopefully sheíll give me a print when everything is finished.

Today Iíve been cleaning up, organizing and staging marathon phone and IM sessions with friends. That seems like a good use of my time today.

5:18 p.m. - 2005-10-03



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