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Nick, or Nik, of time


I’m happy that Nick won SYTYCD last night. He was by far the best, most versatile dancer. While I don’t entirely agree with the way that Ashle was eliminated before Jamile, the good news is that at the end, it came down to Nick and Melody who were my favorites from the get-go. And I love that they’re best friends. Awww, so cute.

I’m also beginning to pick ANTM favorites, and another Nik has made the top of my list. She’s gorgeous, takes great photos and hasn’t exhibited any annoying behaviors. The stylist contestant, Lisa, is also a strong contender because she’s knows what she’s doing, but I think her arrogance will be her undoing. My dark horse pick is Dykey Spice Kim. I want to root for her and her 1980s Preppy Boy aesthetic but she is just not delivering.


I saw the dermatologist about my freaky Australia-shaped mole. He said it wasn’t pre-cancerous and that there was nothing bad about it other than the fact that it gets easily irritated and scratched. He asked me if I wanted the mole shaved off, and when I wasn’t sure, I asked, “What would you do?” He then explained the pros and cons of the procedure.

Me: Let’s get rid of it then.

Dr.: Oh, good. If you’d been a family member, I would have suggested you have it removed.

Phew. (Why didn’t he just tell me that in the first place?)

Also he asked me about my father’s Paget’s Disease.

Dr.: Was it in the groin region?

Me: Yeah… on the penis.

Dr.: That’s what I meant by “groin.”

Me: (Sheepish) Oh. I thought I’d be more specific.

Dr.: (looking at my chart) It says here you’re a graphic designer. It should just say “graphic.”

A regular fucking comedian, that guy.

Overall the experience was a very positive one. It included a compliment from the nurse who told me she thought I was in my 20s. When a stranger tells me I look young for my age, it has a happy impact on my ego; but when a dermatology nurse says it, and she’s standing so close I can see the mascara clumps on her eyelashes, it makes me feel almost victorious!

Maybe I should send love letters to Purpose, Peter Thomas Roth, Bliss, Murad, Neutrogena, Oil of Olay, La Roche Posay, Evian, Caudalie and all the other companies who’ve had a hand in my fresh appearance? More likely I should thank Ponce de Leon, my long lost relative. Perhaps the tales of his searching for the Fountain of Youth were not apocryphal?

Anyway, now I am at work, generally being all TCB and shit since I spent all morning getting pricked and poked (the dermo injected the mole-al area with some numbing stuff, the phlebotomist (in the same bldg) took her three vials from my left arm.) I’ve got to order some books for TA, track my Peets coffee, order a new Epson printer and pay some bills. I’ve got another dr’s appt this afternoon (w/ the rheumatologist) and then if I’ve got the energy, a yoga class at 5:30. I really need to check the p.o. box but that might have to wait until tomorrow.

1:20 p.m. - 2005-10-06



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