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When life throws you lemons, it's best not to be a sourpuss

I was clicking through the party pics on style.com, admiring some people, their staying power and good plastic surgery, and disparaging others (example: LíWr3n Scott--get over your bad Mick J@gger humping self; Carine--wash your face,) when I stopped at a photo of Jeff Koons and his hugely pregnant second wife.

It made me cry my eyes out.

Granted, I am a little sensitive these days. It doesnít help that I am also totally PMS and prone to Prednisone weepiness. I think I have officially annoyed the hell out of myself.

It is time to move on to happy things. Like:

The Rockstarís first ever video is being launched at a party next Tuesday at this venue! Iíve previewed it, and itís really, really cool. If youíre in LA, I highly recommend going to check it out. The song they decided to focus on is one of my favorites. Itís an infectious poppy punk rock vaudevillian ditty if you can believe that.

My supertalented little sister is participating in OpenStudios in SF this year. Sheís featured here and her work is also being shown as part of this show downtown. Please go out and support art by buying one of her gorgeous glazed raised paintings. (The family obsession with the lowly donut does not end with me.)

And now back to me.

I am back to thinking about grad school. Itís so weird how I go in phases. I think the way I consider graduate studies is the same way that some women think about having children, or changing careers or Turretically calling out ďskim!Ē when theyíre in a Starbucks. This requires further analysis.

I am making a surprise playlist for TAís nano. I think heís going to dig it, and itís making me smile just thinking about which songs to put on there. The general vibe is Missing California, which basically, is like an everyday vibe around here, but not in a maudlin pathetic way. No, more in a happy and sun-kissed way.

I am also embarking on a ton of research into BRM medications, complementary alternative therapies for RA as well as diet modification. So far, the Stanford online library has been invaluable, and Iíve been directed to all sorts of intersting information. I have a lot of reading to do.

Fuck depressing current events and sad health news and this gloomy rainóIíve got a life to live. And I jumpstarted it today by appearing as a lead in a WSJ article.

Thatís right! Iím back.

5:51 p.m. - 2005-10-12



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