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Serving up a list cause I'm lazy and can't think straight

On my mind and in no particular order:

1. The photographer I volunteered for? She got into this show in Brooklyn that is getting a lot of press. It’s being promoted on style.com, in different cool art blogs, and she just may be The Next Big Thing. Color me impressed (and color me very excited that I may soon own my very own piece of her work!)

2. My Peets order finally arrived. Two pounds of the Major, two pounds of decaf House blend. Except for some slight dissatisfaction with the quality of Peets’ “espresso” grind (it’s not fine enough for our machine, and frankly, people like us should just get ourselves a high-quality burr grinder) I am 100% happy with the coffee. I am not BACK on coffee as in drinking it every day or every morning, but I am now occasionally having a cup and enjoying it. Deeply. Darkly. Aaahhh, good coffee is strong incentive to go on living. Depressed people should forget about meds and just quit coffee for a few months, then go back on little by little to cheer themselves up. It really works. Scientology approved!

3. If I were a Hollywood stylist, I would get myself an appointment with this designer and start throwing samples at celebrities. Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could “work” the Hudson Bay Point Blanket-inspired caftan or the quilted Holly Hobby stuff, but I can picture it on the Lindsays and Kirstens of the world.

4. Someone in my yoga class today asked me where I got my haircut. She said, “we both have curly hair and yours always looks so cute.” So I referred her to my NH stylist. That was a nice, unexpected compliment.

5. It’s been raining non-stop and there is not only a leak in our apartment, but there are also numerous ones on the landing just outside our front door. It’s annoying and I hope the mgmt company does something about it. The drip drip drip of our property value going down down down…

6. I’ve been using some samples from the Hydraphase line, and I like the results. Wish I had more than just samples of some of the products, but at the same time, I cannot afford pamperments. I’m going to make do with my glamour-free, ugly-packaging budget regimen for now.

7. The weather, sucky though it is, has allowed me to indulge in some of my favorite cooking. Namely, soups and stoups (stew + soup = stoup.) I made a giant batch of lentil stoup, and am looking forward to tackling a real homemade minestrone this weekend. It won’t be long before the freezer is stuffed with celery root & barley, butternut squash and zucchini & rice soups. In this way, I am like the crazy squirrels on the New Haven green, getting their houses in order before the horrible weather hits. I am giddy with preparations, scampering to the store and dreaming of cozy foods! I can’t wait to graduate to other fare like daube, blanquette de veau or vegetarian cassoulet. And fondue, how I’ve missed you…

8. Finally, I am wearing a new scarf that my sister knit for me. It’s red and orangey-red crazy yarn, and I really, really love it.

4:55 p.m. - 2005-10-14



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