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Wherever I go, Ego

Itís a good thing I didnít go to my high school reunion a month ago. I just saw some photos online, and I didnít recognize a soul! Iím serious! If Iíd gone, I would have had to have been really clever about how I snuck peeks at peoplesí name tags. The cheerleaders and jocks definitely donít look like cheerleaders or jocks anymore.

In fact, not only did everyone look unfamiliar and different, everyone looked BAD. Just flat-out BAD. I wasnít expecting so many of the guys to look bloated and heavy, or the women to look fried and tired. Weíre not even 40! WTF! And based on what people were wearing, it was pretty obvious that the reunion was a Big Night Out for a lot of them, and they were all decked out in their fineryÖ and still! They looked BAD!

Itís funny, I got an email not too long ago from a long lost high school friend (who got my coordinates from bumping into my little sister) and she said, ďEver wonder what have people been doing for the past 10 years? Having babies is one thing.Ē So THATíS where Iíve gone wrongÖ perhaps if Iíd spent time creating a family instead of blathering/bloggering on and on and engaging in extreme navel-gazing I, too, would have sparkles and foundation settling into the fine wrinkles around my eyes.

Not that my ego needed additional boosting, but this weekend I finally got to see whose work got into the design competition. I canít believe the judges rejected me. I should have rejected them! Of the 6 or 7 pieces in the gallery, perhaps 2 were good from a straight design point of view. Everything else was total RUBBISH! Thereís this one poster in there, and it is so, so terrible. The typography is amateurish and awful and the color choices are ham-handed and there is absolutely no finesse whatsoever to the execution! I canít believe that it got in, and neither of my submissions did.

I was really prepared to be blown away by what was in that gallery, to be humbled and inspired to create better and more interesting work, but honestly? I was disappointed. I expected more.

And still do.

3:08 p.m. - 2005-10-16



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