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I really want to buy Dandelion, but I think instead of taking advantage of the 20% sale (enter promo code BCFF20 at checkout, through Nov. 8th), Iím going to use the rest of my Sephora gift certificate. I did some quickie calculations and determined that buying in CT (where sales tax is 6%) is less expensive than shelling out $6.50 for shipping. Is it me, or did Benefit used to be less expensive?

Itís always hard for me to spend a ton of money on makeup, by the way. While thereís the side of me that loves the fun, painting aspect of applying color to my face and the designer side that loves the packaging of more expensive brands, my dominant practical side just doesnít care that much. Itís got to be something Iím going to use every single day or itís not worth it. In my swingle days, the most I could be bothered with was mascara and lipstick (jesus, when youíre 20 with nice skin and no signs of aging or sun damage, do you really need more than that?)

So every day itís:
- moisturizer with SPF 15
- eye cream
- curl lashes
- mascara
- lipstick

I need to add some sort of blush into the mix to de-sallow-fy my olive complexion and I also need to toss concealer in there as well (Yes! I know! Iíve been squawking about this for monthsónay, years--and still! Concealer I do not own! I can never find the right combination of texture and color, and you wouldnít believe how many saleswomen are clueless at matching and application!) One day I would like to master the perfect Smoky Eye although as my little sister emailed me today ďyou have to remember that you have bedroom-y eyes so you have to be careful that it doesn't look like a big old mess!Ē Thank god for sisters and their honesty. Who knew I had ďbedroom-yĒ eyes? I once was told they were Catherine Deneuve-like, but not ďbedroom-y.Ē Iím taking this as a compliment, even if it means eyeliner will never be part of my female arsenal.

Speaking of, hereís whatís in my handbag (courtesy of this lil lady):

Whatís in your handbag/pockets?

Studio keys, apt keys, car keys
2 moist towelettes
Receipts: LaGuardia airport parking, Camper, Sephora
Business cards: GdePís, my little sisterís, one of my old ones
Blue pen
One packet of sugar
Tampons (2 reg, 1 super)
MetroNorth schedule
Telecarte for using payphones in France (yeah, real handy over here!)
Albuterol inhaler
Ear plugs
ReNu rewetting drops
MAC lipstick
Caudalie lip balm
Pillbox containing 1 Advil and 1 Percocet

And on a final superficial note, TA told me that last night one of his project partners was looking at MJ bags on the Neimanís site. So he says to her: ďAre you going to buy one from Neimanís?Ē

Partner: Yeah
TA: Why donít you just go to the MJ store?
Partner: Thereís an MJ store? Here in New York?
TA: What are you talking about? There are, like, 4 stores here!
Partner: Oh my god, where?
TA: There are a few on Bleecker, I think.
(TA tells her to click over to the MJ site, they look at store locations)
Partner: How do you know about this? Youíre a BOY!
TA: My girlfriend is obsessed with MJ.
Partner: Wow! Iím so glad youíre in my group!

3:56 p.m. - 2005-11-04



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