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Fringe movement

Iím annoyed with two (and counting) things today:

There is an insurgent movement afoot in my building. Three owners (who are not board members) called a special meeting for tonight, at 7 pm. They are not protesting the installation of new windows; rather, they are protesting the fact that official procedures were not followed. I canít tell if Iím more annoyed with them and their bullshit, or with the fact that Iím going to be (probably) missing ANTM. I think itís a toss-up.

The thing is, these three owners all agree that the windows in the building need to be replaced and that everyoneís property value will go up once this is done. So why agitate on the procedure issue? Because they donít like whoís on the board, and this is the one thing they can grab onto to achieve their goal. Itís pretty obvious to me that ďproceduresĒ is not really the issue: the issue is taking down people they donít like. One of the items on the insurgent agenda is ďremoval of the current president.Ē Such drama from straight boys!

Thank god the Gang of Three wonít get the satisfaction of a public execution as the president stepped down last week. Phew! Just in the nick of time!

A few months ago, a seat opened up on the board and neither one of those three rabble-rousers stepped forward. If ďproceduresĒ had that much traction, donít you think they should have accepted the challenge of making change from within? One of the guys is a fucking Social Studies teacher! Youíd think he of all people would relish the opportunity to put theory into practice! This is why as much as I like them, I canít respect them. They are doing that whole Monday morning quarterback thing.

Oh, and guess what happened with that empty board seat? The president appointed TA.

The other thing thatís bothering me today is the fact that Ebay will not work. Iíve been trying to post a sale on there for the last 24 hours, and I canít seem to upload my fiche (how do you say Ďficheí in English?) Iíve tried Firefox, Iíve tried Safari, I even tried Explorer on TAís PC but to no avail. It is so frustrating to have spent time lighting and shooting the item, writing the description, and choosing the perfect background. In the famous words of a middling architect TA and I once had a crit with, ďTechnology promises so much, yet rarely delivers.Ē

Letís end on something positive: we may have people over for Thanksgiving! TA wants to invite his little UN contingent from school, and Iím excited. More people = more pie!

11:25 a.m. - 2005-11-09



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