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Coliseum destruction

Good goddamn, this person is a genius. No wonder Madonna’s new look bugs so hard! Not only is Madge recycling her dance tunes, but she has once again “appropriated” someone else’s look!

I think it’s funny that some in the British tabloids are referring to her as Oldfrapp. That just makes me smile.

In case you’re wondering, a lot and nothing has been happening lately.

The coliseum by our apartment is finally being dismantled so every morning at around 7:15, I wake up to our closet doors rattling, our glasses and bottles of booze clanking. Every now and then there’s a big thud and the windows seem like they’re going to fall out of their frames. So far, none of our photos have fallen off the walls. The first time I felt the shaking, I reacted automatically as though it were an earthquake and good little Californian that I am, I calmly parked myself under a doorway. It wasn’t until I noticed that the aftershocks were coming every 4 seconds, like a tectonic metronome, that I realized it wasn’t seismic activity but demolishment.

The noise and rattling make me a little cranky, but I am very happy that that hideous behemoth is coming down. It’s ugly, it hasn’t hosted a sporting event or a monster truck rally in forever, and it’s basically one of those civic projects that never should have been. Yay for a clean view, a
theater nearby and higher property values!

I had so much to add but now can’t think of a thing. I blame this cold that I caught from TA (who in turn caught from some annoying girl at school.) Gah, I think I need to dose myself with more EmergenC…

4:54 p.m. - 2005-12-06



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