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No more blood on my hands

The humane mouse traps came in a pair. Letís hope the second one works on the latest little critter I saw scurrying around my studio this afternoon. Thanks to a guestbook signerís advice, I swapped the cheese bait for a piece of chocolate and am crossing my fingers that I can successfully catch and release a mouse.

The new plan is to only set the trap during the week when Iím in my office M-F, and then only on weekends if Iím planning to work. I wonít set the trap otherwise because I donít want the mice to freeze to death, die of dehydration or otherwise use the traps as tiny japanese napping pods where they check in and never check out. I cannot have more blood my hands.

In non-mouse news, today I saw some really good snowmen. One was an alien with two heads and antennas made of tree branches, another was hotchacha with big boobs and a sign reading ďHonk for Eva!Ē and my very favorite had one eye and an eyepatch.

4:54 p.m. - 2005-12-10



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