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Last day of our holiday

Today was:
- breakfast at Quality, the restaurant with the best biscuits in the universe and my favorite Roy McMakin furniture
- browsing at all my favorite shops on West Third St.
- an interlude at American Rag on La Brea, the store that doesn’t carry nearly enough Trovata or Paul & Joe for my taste
- visiting friends and their brand new, insanely adorable baby daughter. I got to make faces, stupid noises, tickle, cuddle and feed her. I’d forgotten how warm little babies can be—they’re veritable furnaces.

This afternoon was pretty mellow: coffee and See’s candy while collaborating with a friend on a splash page for a new animation series. TA went out for coffee with the star of everybody’s new favorite movie (don’t forget to register and greenlight the film so it climbs up the ladder to greatness!) and tonight we’re off to Malo for dinner and drinks.

Tomorrow, the vacation ends. That’s when we head north to see family. And as you all know, family to me is an F-word.

But I’ve got new glasses and a bright shiny new attitude about 2006. Maybe those two things will magically create an impenetrable personal forcefield that will protect me?

9:27 p.m. - 2006-01-04



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