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I'm back and in black, in fact

I donít know what I did yesterday when I injected myself, but today the left side of my belly has a gnarly bruise on it.

So the rest of the California trip went thusly:
- freaked out at what a scary depressive alcoholic TAís father is
- freaked out at how much TAís grandmother has deteriorated mentally since we saw her last November
- freaked out at how awesome our friendsí new house is! Itís a little Spanish style house with a beautiful courtyard near downtown San Mateo. They are expecting their first baby, and TA and I are very excited for them. We count them among our bestest friends in the universe, and I canít wait to be an auntie to what will surely be the cutest boy born since my nephew
- freaked out at how out of control TAís eldest brotherís household is. His brotherís drinking has reached alcoholic proportions, and the diabetic wife is setting the worst diet example for her overweight twins. I donít understand how intelligent people can do this to their children. WTF?
- Watched the movie Flight Plan, and a day later saw Peter Saaarsgaard at LAX
- Also saw the host of this show while at LAX. As a matter of fact, he was waiting in the same line as us (Premiere, First ClassÖ membership has its privileges!)
- On the flight home, saw this movie, and was delighted to discover that some scenes had been filmed on the street I grew up on. Even though buying that house and rearing a family in that neighborhood were a total fluke for my parents, I still feel a twinge of pride whenever I see my Liberty on the screen.

The rest will have to wait until Iím not so goddamned busy.

12:54 p.m. - 2006-01-12



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