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Day and evening laborers

TA had one week between our CA trip and the beginning of his spring semester, and in that time he destroyed and rebuilt the famous sheetrock wall in our apartment.

He’s my hero.

He built out some little “wings” on the side of the walls using studs and sheetrock. TA spent about 3 days constructing, puttying, sanding and priming. The “wings” will enclose a bookcase that he designed that, once finished, will look built-in. The plans and the deposit are with the cabinetmaker right now, and the bookcase should be finished and installed in about two weeks.

My contribution to all this, besides rewarding TA for a job well done with pizza and one (1) sexual favor of his choice, was to pick the color for the back wall of the bookcase: it will be a light blue-green, a pretty, soothing color that will offset the blinding white shelves in front. The cabinetmaker suggested we mount spotlights at the top of the bookcase, and has asked his installer/electrician to look at ways to make that happen. A happy collaboration.

It is going to be so beautiful and practical, I can’t wait! The bookcase and the wall that it is a part of will finally look intentional. Not only will it add value and functionality to our apartment, but it will help define the dining area, too.

And now for something completely different: my mother gave my sisters and me DVDs of Spanglish for Christmas, proclaiming it “a wonderful film.” Of course we immediately exchanged the “film” for something good (The Usual Suspects) but guilt made me put Spanglish on the Netflix list. So last night, I forced us to watch it so that I would be able to tell my mother we’d seen it, and as the counter on the DVD player slowly clicked from 59 minutes to over one hour, I freaked out. “Where’s the envelope that the movie came in? Pause it! Pause it!” I ran around, and finally located the little envelope. “30 more fucking minutes! !Haz me favor! I can’t watch this piece of shit anymore!” I screamed.

My god. Just because a movie has Spanish in it, doesn’t it make it “wonderful.” My mother, the one who HATES everything including “Amelie”, liked Spanglish? This makes no sense!

There were so many ridiculous and insulting caricatures in the movie, Ta and I were both fuming.

“Wait, wait, wait! Pause it! Pause it!” Terence yelled. “You mean to tell me that Adam Sandler is a chef in a California kitchen and he doesn’t speak a word of Spanish? Not even Kitchen Spanish? That’s totally bullshit!”

“I know!”

We’ll never get that hour back.

1:29 p.m. - 2006-01-21



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