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One day you're IN...

She and Mr Bingo have turned me into a Full Metal Fan Freak of Project Runway. I am now reading Tim Gunn’s blog, listening to his podcast and rewatching old episodes.

Oh, no!

Oh, yes.

The way the designers behave in the studio is exactly the way designers of all types behave in studios. I’m not kidding. Camaraderie and competition, collaboration and critique, goofy jokes and endless ribbing. Sometimes I totally miss that energy.

Speaking of: on Tues and Thurs, TA works with me at my studio. It’s super fun. We brainstorm on our projects, talk about color and texture, go on fruitless missions to find fasteners and conductive materials. There’s music and cookies and coffee missions. There are jokes about nooners and naughty secretaries (he’s the secretary.) He worries about my being lonesome at work while he’s at school so a few days ago, he surprised me a little present: he bought me one of those little singing birds? The ones that are so hip and in every shelter and lifestyle magazine you could scream from the sheer trendiness? This bird’s got a motion detector so when I walk by, he (or is it a she?) chirps and tweets and flutters its tail and wings, and cocks its head. It is so cute! And the cool added bonus is that it’s a Cardinal, a breed that we do not have in CA, and so in addition to keeping me company, the little cardinal is a souvenir of New England.

More PR ridiculosity: an extended version of Santino’s Tim Gunn imitation. Even though I was so tired I could barely hold my head up, last night I rewatched the episode because I wanted to hear “What happened to Andrae” and the whole Red Lobster sillyness again. Can someone make me a ringtone of “Designers?” or “Carry on”?

4:44 p.m. - 2006-02-03



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