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When all you have is scraps, fashion yourself a meal

1. I am loving the “add to your lookbook” feature on style.com. I have added a few things from the Fall 06 RTW collections in New York, and in typical nerd fashion, I have also added things from collections past—things I wish I’d been able to buy back in 2000, for example. I have a terrible feeling, though, that there won’t be any follow-through with this new feature, as in: I doubt that the designers will be alerted to how many style.com subscribers have “added” certain looks, I doubt that I will be sent an email from retailers when the items become available, etc… I could be wrong, but I think for now, “adding to your lookbook” is just fantasy. And that’s ok with me. I mean, even if Martin Grant knew I wanted every coat he ever created, and I got emails from retailers alerting me that each Martin Grant style was now available in my size, I doubt very much I’d be able to plunk down the cash.

2. I love APC and its founder, Jean Touitou. He is genius, that man. I once read an interview where he compared how he works with how typical designers work. And he said something like, “Most designers add. I erase.” I just find that so brilliant and inspirational, and so apt when you look at the cut and simplicity of his line. I can’t wait to move back to rue Madame so that I can just waltz down the street to the cheapie branch, and then to the two other regular shops on rue de Fleurus. I really miss being able to run down there for candles and things (I also miss the boulangerie on the corner of rue Madame and rue de Vaugirard...) I could wait until we’re in Manhattan and run to the Soho APC (which is located nowhere near a decent, affordable boulangerie. Sniff.)

3. For the last couple of years, I’ve been doing the balance transfer dance. You know, you get an offer for 0% interest on a transferred balance for a year or so? And then when the deal expires, you olé your balance to another card at 0%? Well today, TA told me that enough was enough! He was no longer going to tolerate my dancing like that anymore! Totally Footloose with the no dancing policy! HE PAID OFF MY CREDIT CARD FOR ME.

4. Have you guys overloaded on The Cute yet? Today there is a teensy weensy baby possum that is so screamingly snuggly, you can’t even believe it’ll grow up to be a snarfling, snouty creature of the night. Cute as it is, nothing beats that fucking hamster with the kernel of corn. And I just learned that the poor creature died last month from a flea infestation! These little cute things can’t even handle fleas! They are so delicate which is why we must snap zillions of pictures of them and post them online for posterity.

5. Tonight is yoga then dinner then Proyecto Runway!

4:46 p.m. - 2006-02-08



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