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Tears of a clown

You know it might be PMS when:
- you cry when your sister-in-law unexpectedly sends you 2 lbs of Major Dickason’s with a little note that says, “Hey, I walked right by a Peet’s and thought of you guys. Enjoy!”
- you cry when Mary J Blige walks on stage with U2 and belts her heart and lungs out
- you cry when the Project Runway designers are all standing on the runway and no one’s even been eliminated yet. They’re just standing there, whistling dixie and you’re crying because you know the axe is about to fall
- you cry buckets when Nick is eliminated. This requires two kleenexes
- you cry just thinking about that new coffee in the freezer
- you practically cry when you see Trovata’s Fall line. I want everything for me, and all of the men’s stuff for TA. We could dress in our little Trovata outfits, get our pictures taken and have them posted on cuteoverload.com!!!
- you metaphorically cry when Cathy Horyn of the NYT announces that the Fall 2006 Marc Jacobs collection smacks of “optimism.” Optimism? What is she smoking? The entire collection was post-apocalyptic. Don’t get me wrong—I loved it, and what I loved especially were the mood, the monochromatic palette, the shroudy and layered silhouettes, the set design. But optimistic it was not. And unwearable by anyone other than a 6 foot tall Daria Werbowy lookalike… (well, ok, maybe some of the skirts might work?)
- you cry when your sister sends you an email announcing that she is now officially hep-c cured!
- you cry when TA calls you from the Brooklyn Bridge to tell you he’s freezing his ass off but it’s beautiful and he loves you
- you cry when your supernephew tells you he got early admission to the Art Institute with a ginormous merit scholarship, and that he appreciates the encouragement you gave him when he was little… aw, it’s making me cry again!
- you cry from laughter when you sister reminds you of that time when you were both little and your mother had a crazy idea that if she didn’t swallow things they wouldn’t make her fat. That was the halloween we were so mad watching her chew up OUR candy, then spit it out. My god my mother’s insane, but it is undeniable that she makes for funny stories.

4:02 p.m. - 2006-02-10



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