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It's a hard knock life...

I took yesterday off to hang out with GdeP in Manhattan. I met the famous pug Napoleon, saw touched and tried on parts of the latest collection*, marvelled at Gentryís infamous red Lanvin sweater (so gorgeous and moth-wing delicate, it is unreal), and eat.

It was fantastic. Just the energizing break I needed from my projects, and it was lovely to spend time with a great friend I donít see nearly enough. We email and talk on the phone, but itís so much better to sit on a bench, inhale Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and take silly photos of ourselves while the doglette tries to get comfortable on the freezing cold sidewalk.

The dog dragged us to Catriona McKechnie, Scoop, Dernier Cri, Jeffrey and McQueen. Such a fashionable meatpacker, Napoleon is! He was a sensation wherever we went. It is impossible to walk down the street or into a store without everyone fawning all over this little prancing pot roast of cute. We were definitely chopped liver.

Then we saw something crazily cute, something that may even have surpassed (temporarily) Napoleonís own adorability: a squirrel sitting in a hole in a tree trunk. Weíre talking cuteoverload material, people! I am hoping that Gentryís photo does the scene justice because we were just standing on the sidewalk, squealing, while jaded New Yorkers trotted on by. Even Napoleon totally ignored us.

Wait, except at Jeffrey. We were most definitely not chopped liver at that store. We got the Worldís Best Service if you can believe that. It was fairly obvious that we were on a recon mission--touching and looking but not buying--but that did not deter the help from asking us questions and telling us about different pieces. We were indulged! It was awesome! We tried on gorgeous, expensive black diamond jewelry, we fondled Thom Browne cashmere cardigans (and even got the scoop on where his atelier is,) I fingered through layers of a Martin Grant chiffon gown and then uncovered the coolest Prada jeans ever (super dark, stiff denim in a perfect cropped length.) Gentry and I both loved the Alaia flats with the pointe shoe toe detail, and I found some Bottega Veneta summer skimmers with beautiful dainty detailsÖ McQueen was good, too, especially the part where we tried on ridonculous fashion victim sunglasses.

In the evening, I met TA at school and we had dinner at Veselka in the Eastern Village (we really wanted to eat at Momofuku but the line, she was impossibly long.) I went to pay, and when I came back he surprised me with one of their ginormous sprinkle-covered rice krispy treats. So cute but I was too tired to even chew by that point.

*I canít believe it is even possible, but this seasonís GdeP collection is even better than the last! There are more pieces that I want this time around, more things I am dying to just lounge around the apartment in. The palette is so, so pretty. I am in LOVE with the new panty style (especially the fact that it was not designed to suit a flat-ass fit model) and the new stretch meshes, and I love the gothic touches. Once I pay off my $880 occupational therapy bill (thatís AFTER insurance, mind you,) Iím going to indulge in some new knickers.

6:12 p.m. - 2006-03-02



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