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Perhaps I am in the minority, but I am happy they chose Daniel Craig to be the next Bond.

Sure, he’s been a bit emasculated by the tabloids who insist on trotting out the fact that he can’t drive the Aston Martin until he learns how to master a stick (and here, I have to agree with the tabloids—a man who can only drive an automatic transmission is not a man,) but look at him in his modified banana hammock! He is a MAN and he is HOT! If you don’t believe me, Netflix Layer Cake

I started watching Xmen last night (because of Hugh Jackman, who was also being considered for the Bond takeover, in case you’re looking for the connection) and realized, “Is everyone naming their kids Logan because that’s Wolverine’s name?” I really hope people are naming their children after a Marvel hero and not the lame protagonist from Logan’s Run. Brian Singer who directed X-Men will direct the remake of Logan’s Run.

Oh, the coincidences…

4:23 p.m. - 2006-03-03



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