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I'll tell you who's hot: George Clooney. That's who.

You know how thereís that whole thing about Hollywood being out of touch with America? If you watched the Oscars broadcast last night, you know what Iím talking about.

Ladies and gentlemint, it seems I am out of touch with most Americans when it comes to fashion, especially if we are to believe the results of this poll. Click through the images, vote and see how you match up to the majority.

How can it be that people preferred Keiraís look to Michelleís? Or that people thought that Nicole and Reese were ďhotĒ? Nic looked awful, and Reesiepoo was dressed in an old lady dress. I get that she is a modest southern lady, but the top of that dress looked like it had more support than a pre-Lycra Playtex cross-your-heart harness. Even another second-hand Chanel worn by someone else at a previous awards show would have been a better choice.

And Charlize! Biggest fashion misstep of the evening I think. I donít care if itís Dior, honey, it looked terrible on you. Please stop smoking pot at your fittings with Galliano. It is not doing you any favors.

I will return later with more exciting tales. In the meantime, if you havenít already checked, go to her new flickr account and look at pictures from our NY date!

11:45 a.m. - 2006-03-06



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