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Mardi maudit

As usual, Gentry is a fount of fashion + shopping knowledge.

She alerted me to this site having a Weíre Closing sale. They carry my favorite fine washable soap. I threw caution to the wind and stocked up.

I also bought some little gift items, figuring they will come in handy when Iím running around at birthday or christmastime muttering ďoh shit, oh shit, oh shitĒ because I have neither time nor desire to look for presents. If youíve been reading this diary for a while, you know this is a common occurrence at High Holiday Times.

In case you didnít know, anything by Tocca makes a very nice gift because the packaging is so.damn.cute. There are pretty colors on the outside, on the inside, little bits of engraved artwork, delicate typographyÖ itís totally irresistible in my (designed) book.

Work continues to beÖ work. Itís not too bad though. The new local client is a bit flaky, and I donít have the energy to call them on it. Iím too swamped to even care at this point. My attitude is very Whatever about it all.

Mr Bingo leaves this Sunday for his cross-country drive and move to NYC. Iím so mad at him for not having a blog, but he promised to call me and take lots of pictures. He is travelling with a new thermos, a coffee grinder and pounds of pounds of this coffee. He tells me it is better than my beloved Major, and I will just have to invite myself over to his place and sample of cup. Oooh, I canít wait to have him nearby!

2:09 p.m. - 2006-03-28



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