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I'm going to put a coffee cup on my new coffee table

TA and I won an Ebay auction and are headed to NJ to pick up the item tomorrow. Neither one of us really can afford to go on some crazy roadtrip down the Turnpike—we are both so busy, we practically work while driving, hell we work while sleeping!—but the bargain is too great to pass up.

We bought a Barto1ucci-Cato coffee table.

Hard to tell whether the table is a reproduction, or an original, but for $100 it doesn’t really matter. It can even be a little bit fucked up, we don’t care. New ones cost a pretty penny, and reproductions aren’t that much cheaper. We figure if the wood needs refinishing, that’s no problem. If the panels are scratched or chipped, we can fix that too.

The other exciting things that have happened lately?

- I paid off my occupational therapy bill. I am now $880 poorer.

- TA and I may each be receiving tax refunds, and we can’t decide between going on holiday, and remodelling the bathroom. We both desperately need a vacation, and we both want to go somewhere warm.This is the first time I’ve received a refund in almost 10 years so I want to enjoy it, dammit. Prada cropped jeans, you could maybe be mine!

- I made my very own vegetarian mushu stir fry and it rocked. The woman downstairs at the Chinese market was very confused when I bought the Hoisin sauce. “What are you doing witht this?” she demanded, holding up the jar. She wasn’t as inquisitive about this, the other item in my basket. “Very good for you!” She approved my genmaicha tea

- I discovered that the reason I love this cereal so much is that it’s like the healthy version of Capn Crunch. It’s ridiculously sweet and it tears up the roof of your mouth. What’s not to love?

4:59 p.m. - 2006-04-05



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