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Big fish and small fry

TA was thinking about using some fishing line for one of his final projects, so we stopped by a bait and tackle shop the other day.

It was the crossroads of humanity, I tell you. There were all sorts of people in there, all asking about where the fish were biting, what lures were best, who was going on what fishing boat, it was insane. The store opened at 5am, and had a line out the door. The shop stays open until 9 at night during fishing season!

We walked in, and some one-eyed dude gave us the once over (couldn’t give us the twice over.) I think he might have been a little retarded? but he was super nice. He was just “hanging out” he said, so when the little Italian guy yelled “Who’s next?” the one-eyed guy escorted us forward.

We had the craziest interaction with the old Italian guy. He was as cranky as TA’s 90-something year old great uncle, bow-legged, ornery and sweet all at once. If the store hadn’t smelled like rotten fish and dirt, we might have lingered. He was completely unfazed by TA’s explanation for why he needed 60 feet of braided stainless steel line. “Art project? Ok, no problem. Just make sure you come back and show me what you made wid it.”

Other than that, it’s been pretty mellow around here. TA is positively deranged in his final two weeks of school, working round the clock on projects, suppressing his escalating aggravation with some teammates, looking forward to maybe spending time on a beach (possibly in Puerto Rico, it’s my job to research places to stay and wouldn’t you know it? I’m swamped as well.)

On top of eerything, I am trying to get a handle on CSS for my redesigned website. The new site will not be “fun” or “creative”, it will just be a framework on which to hang some stuff. I am a little bit over the whole “let’s entertain visitors” aspect of websites. I just want content.

I am supposed to see my designer/artist brother this weekend, before he jets back to England. I really hope he has time to squeeze me in. If not, I will have to find a way to visit him in London. He’s already offered his apartment to me, with the caveat “it’s not Knightsbridge or anything. I pretty much live in Africa.” Hey, I used to live in the thick of the North African 17th arrondissement. I think I can handle it. Plus, LONDON? I haven’t been there in forever and I am long overdue for a visit to Top Shop, the River Café and the Tate Modern.

11:16 a.m. - 2006-04-21



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