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Caffeination domination

I am dying to shop. Itís an itch that needs to be scratched. Itís starting to really bother me in an unreasonable way.

I blame it on springtime and my sudden need to wear little tops, tissue-weight cardigans, and light skirts.

Itís also that I was looking in my closet the other day, realizing that thereís a lot of stuff in there that is ANCIENT. And Iím not talking vintage. The few vintage pieces I do have Iíll hang on to since the dream is to have them eventually copiedócheaply? Someplace? Vietnam? Hong Kong? No, by ANCIENT I mean stuff that needs to be refreshed because itís 10 years old and showing its age.

Iíve probably mentioned this before, but I always carry a list of the pieces that I need in my wardrobe; it helps keep me focused on which building blocks are missing, and what items are critical. I mean, Iím not much of an impulse shopper anyway, so itís unlikely that Iíll ever spring for some trendy one-season type of thing. Maybe the list is just a form of reassurance? (insert retarded Top Gun snippet ďStayÖ onÖ targetĒ)

Spring closet cleaning will involve:
- selling some Trina Turk items on Ebay
- going through all of my dang rock t-shirts and getting rid of all the ratty ones, no matter how much I love the bands. ďItís not that I donít love you, Beulah/The Shins/Mates of State, itís just that you are full of holes!Ē
- jettisoning some jeans, having others altered (by TA who is a sewing fool ever since he bought his little Singer)
- speaking of jeans, Iím going to splurge and either buy another pair of AGs, these J Brand ones , or perhaps those Prada cropped ones that I spied at Jeffrey when GdeP was in town.
- finding a bra that recreates a 1950s turbo tit profile. All the bra saleswomen talk about comfort and non-binding this and that, and frankly, all of those bras might be comfortable, but they totally give you a DROOPY, ROUNDED PROFILE. How is that sexy? I donít care about comfort. I care about high, I care about rockets, I care about pointy and I want a Brigitte Bardot silhouette.
- replacing my ancient Philippe Adec ballet flats with some fresh, more updated ones
- buying some shirts (Anne Fontaine, Thomas Pink or some other well-cut good ones)
- buying more skirts
- heeding Gentryís order to acquire the universally flattering DVF wrap dress, but not in a giant pattern! Little women should not wear enormous prints
- purchasing a decent trench
- trading in my Cutler&Gross sunglasses for some Oliver Peoples Vanadis

Because I canít shop, I did the next best thing: I got a haircute! I feel a little better now. Will that feeling last?

No! Of course not.

The other thing thatís been bothering me is just how bored I am with my career. It might be that I work alone, or that most people burn out after 10+ years of doing the same thing, but people! I am not stimulated! Iíve been spending some time thinking about what comes next. There are many parallel things I could do, different educational tracks I could takeÖ Iím casting about for ideas, inspirationÖ more news as news develops. If any of you have ideas (besides you, Gentry), Iím all ears.

I helped TA put together a submission for a Wearable Technology show in Pisa, cittŗ of the leaning tower. He thinks being accepted is a long-shot, but I tell you, if his project gets in, we are totally going to Italy! Screw these tentative plans for a vacation to PR and Vieques, Iíd rather go to Europe, visit friends, eat a ginormous salad at Chez Gladines, and see the Rockstar perform (she has end of May solo dates in London and Paris.)

I need to look at my horoscope. I feel like there must be something going down cosmically or something, my energy is totally diffuse and weird shit keeps happening to people around me.

Oh my god! I drank coffee this afternoon! No wonder Iím writing like a full metal freakshow. Oops. Sorry about that.

8:03 p.m. - 2006-04-29



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